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Anish Shrestha
Ntc Mobile: 9849636757
Ncell Mobile:9807401577
id: anish.shrestha.1989@gmail.com
Address: Diibizar-Height,
Kathmandu, Nepal ...


Mr. Ganesh khatri
Co-Founder (CTO)
Mobile Ntc: 9848737286
Mobile Ncell: 9809416628

Email id: kh6ganesh@gmail.com
Address: Dilibizar-Height, kathmandu Nepal

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About company

Since the ancient times, Nepal has been seen as a fertile land that has had the capacity and the environment to grow majority of the crops in the world. Nepal was and still is a land of agricultural bliss. Agriculture contributes about 35% of the total GDP. But Nepal is still an underdeveloped country. Being so, the farmers in Nepal have it rough. Not because of unavailability of fertile land or crops to grow, but because of unavailability of correct information provided at the correct time. Because Nepal is a geographically diverse country, the agricultural information needed by each geographical region differs as well. 65% of the population relies on agriculture. If the farmers of each diverse area don’t receive proper information on the product to be grown and the situation of the market, it not only wastes the manpower available but it also wastes a lot of time that could have been utilized on something productive. Even today, many farmers face the problems that arise due to lack of information, proper technique, proper infrastructures and the ever changing market. If such obstacles can be overcome Nepal has the potential to develop just with the help of Agriculture. Understanding the concept of global village and the need of interconnectedness and mutual help in agricultural field, ICT in Agriculture in Nepal was established as a non-profit private company that looks to overcome the boundaries of developmental and geographical challenges. .......................

Our Project

मौसम जानकारी

गूगल म्याप सम्पर्क


Krishi Ghar 
contact no: 9849636757, 9840051763
Email: Krishighar1@gmail.com, ictinagriculturalnepal@gmail.com
Address: Dillibazar Height , Kathmandu, Nepal
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Website: www.krishighar.com
Facebook ID : krishighar
Youtube Channel : Krishi ghar, aicc nepal